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Saturday, May 27, 2006


I've spent the morning looking at some weight-loss blogs and researching some diets.

For some reason I've come away feeling sort of ... icky. It really seems to me that the makers of these diets (the cookie diet, the grapefruit diet, Atkins, Sonoma...the list goes on and on and on) are praying on the desperation of people like me. Really they all have one thing in common--reduced calories.

There has to be a better way. Who the hell can follow plans with waves and levels and complete denial of entire food groups...forever? And what fat person wouldn't have latent eating disorders triggered by such severe restriction?

Seriously. If God intended people to eat low-carb, he wouldn't have invented wheat. And raspberries. And big juicy apples. And chewy brown rice.

He wouldn't have made woman with such a strong natural craving for chocolate.

For the first time, I'm not following any diet other than just keeping an eye on my calories. I'm aiming for 1800 a day.

What I've found in the past 26 days is that the first two weeks were super hard. I was cutting down from a conservative estimate of about 3000-3500 calories a day. Even going down to 2000 actually hurt. I spent one night a couple of weeks ago huddled in a fetal position on my bed, weak with need for a 1500-calorie meal from McDonald's.

But now, four weeks in, I'm feeling fine. Somehow 1800 calories seems reasonable. It's not easy. My body is still adjusting. I've given it total free reign for 34 years and now it's behaving like Ruby when I don't just hand over my entire Caramel Light Frappucino.

My belly wants what it wants, and it wants it now.

I've noticed a couple of other things:

*I'm full faster.
*That panicky feeling when I'm not stuffed to the gills is far less frequent. (For a while there I was waking up with it.)
*My skin is clearer.
*I'm craving healthier foods. Like fruit. And brown rice (!!!)
*I have more energy. I'm not falling asleep in my soup by dinner time anymore.


Blogger Living to Feel Good said...

That's great! I'm happy for you!!
When I first started I had migraines for the first couple days because my body wanted more food. It's actually quite amazing how quick your body can adjust to the smaller portions.
Craving fruit is a good thing! yay! :) I don't believe in diets that make you cut the fruit out for the first week or two. Fruit is good for you!! I think your plan is great!!

2:51 PM  
Blogger Louisa said...

I think I must be like you - I research things to death - but thats the way I do everything .. to death! I think I do have some mild form of OCD .. lol. Anyway, I checked out all the diets and tried most of them, with the same ultimate result .. fatter each year by a couple of kilos.

I think its fantastic that you can look at yourself critically .. not putting yourself down but honestly assessing where you are, what youre doing, and what you need. You WILL do it!

3:16 PM  

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