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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another step

We paid off another credit card today. What a fabulous feeling! And it looks like we'll (if we get our tax return and don't spend anything extra) be able to pay off another one in February. That just leaves one, and we only need to get that one down to where we've only used 75% of the balance before we can start looking for a pre-approval for a house.

Now if only the housing market would cooperate.

I get so frustrated and angry when I hear the idiots on the news talk about how the housing market has hit bottom and will start "recovering" soon. Recovering from a place where rents are still half a mortgage payment? Recovering from a place where most Americans couldn't buy the houses they live in today. Where most Americans can't afford to buy a house, even with a median income.

I just saw on the news the other day where for the first time most people in the 24 to 35 age group can't afford to be homeowners.

And this is the bottom? We need to recover from the slight (very slight) return to sanity that we've seen so far?

My hope is that our house will come on the market this spring, and that when it doesn't sell by the summer, the owners will be ready to sell for less.

Four bedrooms, a basement, a fireplace, at least three acres.


Blogger kathrynoh said...

Credit cards are the devil's minions (delivered by banks who are the devil's emissaries). I don't truck with them at all.

I've bought two properties and both times it's been kind of an accident. I reckon you just need to wait for the right moment... for the stars to align or whatever. The first one I bought before the owner listed it so we both saved on agent costs - woohoo!

Also think creatively. My mum bought a house by talking the owner into letting her rent it for the first year -- and having the rent come off the house price.

I reckon lots of good things come to people who have the faith that they'll get what they want, the planning to be in the right position and the balls to go for it :)

11:35 PM  
Blogger snackiepoo said...

Congrats on getting another card paid off...it seems like such a daunting task but is so awesome once you finish it!

12:20 PM  

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