Once Upon a Fat Girl

Monday, January 22, 2007


Kevin got a gift certificate to The Outback for dinner from work for Christmas and the babysitting-stars aligned tonight so that we could go. Good god.

For the first time in three weeks I overate. It all started with that damn blooming onion (I ate about 1/4 of one). Then I thought--what the hell--and had a baked potato with the works. And that yummy pumpernickle they serve. With BUTTER. I was good and had Ahi Tuna. It was spectacular. I also had the equally spectacular chopped blue cheese salad.

If I'd just ordered the fish and ate it with the steamed veggies it came with it, everything would have been fine.

Instead I gorged and I feel like C-R-A-P. My face broke out, I have big dark circles under my eyes. I've been eating so CLEAN for the last several weeks. My body is rejecting the Blooming Onion. I want to curl up and cry, my stomach hurts and I feel this weird anxiousness.

That might be the soda. I haven't had any in three weeks, and in the last two days have had about six cans.

I don't want to feel like this. Ever.

I went to the grocery store today and stocked up on some nice organic yumminess. I'm not doing this. I'm just not.

I'm going to skip my weigh in tomorrow, because I refuse to let myself be messed up by an artificially inflated number on the scale.


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