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Friday, January 19, 2007

What's Going On?

I have a few blogs I like to read that deal with homesteading. They give me hope. This woman believes that our country will need 100,000 small farmers to survive what's coming. Small farmers like this. That's a tenth of an acre, a California city plot, and they are growing enough food to mostly feed themselves and to make a profit as well.

I'm still so shocked at how unconcerned most people are. No one, not even Saudi Arabian big wigs believe that we aren't on the verge of running out of oil. Those guys say they can only keep up with oil needs for 30 years. Even if that is true, in 30 years my baby will be younger than I am now.

Many, many smart people say Peak Oil has hit, or will hit very very soon. Not in thirty years, but within five years. Add to that the real threats of Global Warming, and war, and an economy that bears striking resemblence to the economy just barely post-1929 and it's a scary situation.

How sustainable is your life? How dependant are you on foreign oil? Could you walk or ride your bike to work if you had to? Do you have work that is dependant on oil? Could you find food that isn't trucked thousand's of miles to your nearest grocery store (the problem in the future won't be getting to the store, but getting food in the store)? How about keeping warm? Ask the hundreds of thousands of people left without power during ice storms in our country's midsection if this is a legitimate question. Ask the Californians who got snow last week.

If we end up in Las Vegas through the summer I'm very concerned about the possibility of some crazy weather (or crazy something else that I can't even imagine right now)knocking out electricity in my area and leaving us without air conditioning in what could be the worst summer in history if this year proceeds as it has been. Even if we have a normal summer, having no air conditioning in Las Vegas in August could be a deadly situation.

Preparation is smart, and it's important. Being aware, and not falling into the trap of believing that there is nothing you can do, so it's easier not to think about it, could be life saving.


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