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Monday, January 22, 2007

CSA--Yum Yum!

I found out today about this CSA farm near my dad's house in Logandale (an hour outside of Vegas.)

CSA stands for Community-supported Agriculture. We'll buy a share in the farm and every week get locally-grown, organic, in-season produce, eggs and fresh flowers.

In Southern Nevada our growing season is 10 months long. So for $700 we'll get fresh produce, eggs and flowers from March through December. Actually, we'll pay $350 for the Spring season and $350 for the fall.

I spend about $50 a week to buy organic produce and eggs for my family right now. So we'll pay off the spring season share with six weeks of savings at the grocery store. The spring season lasts from March to mid-July. That's a huge savings.

Of course, it's a risk as well, since we're paying in advance for the share and taking the risk along with the farmer that one or more of his crops will fail.

I'm in love with this idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find this CSA but it isn't listed anyone on the internet! Do you have a name, website, and phone number?


3:02 PM  

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