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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sugar-free day 2

Well, maybe for the first time ever, yesterday I didn't eat any refined sugar. Not even in pre-package prepared food.

It wasn't easy.

I went to Sunflower Market and picked up four supplements: A candida cleanse that has some natural anti-fungals (it has oregano oil in it...gross), probiotics to build the good bacteria, calcium with magnesium and zinc, and flax seed oil for the Omega 3s. I also take Vitamin C, a multi-vitamin and an iron supplement.


So yesterday I took the anti-fungal candida cleanse supplement all day. By about seven p.m. I felt like crap. My eyes were especially bothering me--burning, itching and tearing. I also had some sinus congestion and general irritability. And a monster headache. I also woke up in the middle of the night with some stomach cramping. I've read that when the bad bacteria is dying off this reaction is not uncommon. I'm going to go ahead and continue the anti-fungal today and see how I feel. If I feel any worse than I did last night, I'm going to ease off and maybe build up to the full dose.

I've decided that I'll have a better chance of being successful with this candida cleanse thing if I'm less severe with the diet part. For a month my goal is to give up all dairy, simple carbs and yeast products. I'll also cut out the high sugar fruits (the tropical fruits) and eat fewer of the lower sugar fruits (like berries and melon and grapefruit.)

I'm still not sure where I went wrong with the Mediterranean/superfoods diet. I was eating four or five pieces of fruit a day, plus chocolate and bread (which has sugar to activate the yeast) and sugar in iced tea. Maybe it was the sugar.

Dr. Andrew Weil's website says that if you actually had yeast growing in your blood, you'd be very ill and in intensive care. I tend to believe him. But he says that it is possible for the candida that everyone has growing in their bodies to get out of whack, and cause problems. The treatment won't hurt, and definitely eating less sugar won't hurt.

I bought some Stevia yesterday. It's pretty good. Way way sweet--like Equal compared to sugar. You just need a touch to sweeten a cup of tea.

Gross. I just took the candida cleanse stuff. The oregano oil is so strong. Blech.


Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

I know where you're coming from with that oregano oil. My dad and I take it when we're getting chest cold (both asthmatic) and it does help a lot....

Good luck!

3:09 PM  
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