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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things are coming together

I got on the scale this morning and I've lost almost six pounds since I went to the doctor about three weeks ago. Nice, eh?

It looks like I have a job in Ely. I'll find out for sure on Monday, but I think it's almost a sure thing. I'll be a special education aide at the elementary school in McGill, which is a teeny tiny little town next to Ely. They need an aide that can speak Spanish. I took a chance that my six years of middle school/high school Spanish and one summer in Costa Rica when I was 14 would be more than most of the applicant's in rural Nevada might have. Plus, I'd already taken the para-pro test they require and I've already interviewed with the assistant super intendant of schools. AND, as Nick's grandma told me the other day, I have a Master's Degree in special ed. Anyone who spends as much time at IEP meetings as I do would.

So the job rocks because it offers awesome health benefits without requiring me to work full-time. Every Wednesday is a half-day in this district, and I'll only be working six hours the other day. Plus summers and vacations off. Oh yeah.

My biggest worry is putting Ruby in daycare for the couple of month's until Kevin gets out there. It's tearing me apart. I think she'll actually enjoy it, she loves playing with other kids. And she's a super, super easy kid to take care of. Once Kevin gets to Ely, he can pick her up at noon, she can have lunch and a nap, and when she wakes up, Momma will be home.

I haven't had an outside-the-house job in four years, and it's been three before that since I had a job that wasn't working for my dad. I'm excited about it. I have a tendancy to keep to myself too much, and as a result I have exactly one friend, who I'm of course leaving here in Vegas. (She won't move with me, damn her!) Working will take me out of my shell, I think--and I'm looking forward to meeting people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

although I never comment, i read your blog every few days. Just wanted to wish you luck on getting the school aide job. When will you find out??

2:31 AM  

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