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Monday, May 29, 2006

Swim, Bike, Run...whew!

I found a website yesterday that laid out a beginners training program for triathlons.

Triathlons. Damn. Could I ever get there? A sprint triathlon is swimming 400 meters, biking twelve miles and running three miles. (I think that's right.) This site has a good starter training program.

Part of why I hate working out is that it's so boring. So so so boring. But maybe training would make it more interesting. I loved training when I was younger. And how amazing would it feel to finish a triathlon?

I called Jill last night and asked if she wanted to do it with me. She wasn't enthusiastic. LMAO The training program is only three days a week, and includes some strength training (which I do enjoy) and starts out with the bike at the gym. After a couple of months swimming is added. A few more months running is added. And in a year, voila! Triathlon time.

Yes. I am going to do this. My inner athlete is screaming to be set free.

In Fed Up! Dr. Oliver-Pyatt talks about how loving and respecting yourself goes beyond saying the words. It requires a physical manifestation. Reviving my athletic spirit, and actually allowing myself to train again...that feels like self-love.

If anyone else is interested in this, I'd love to hear from you. We could form the Fat Girls Triathlon club and train together!!! A year from now we'll take the triathlon circuit by storm. They'll never know what hit them.

In other news...

My book is coming along. I'm working on what I hope is the final rewrite. What I have to focus on is characterization. That's my weak point. My goal is to be finished with my final draft by the time Kevin and I go to Disneyland for our anniversary the last weekend in July.

Everyone keeps asking me if it's done, and when can they read it. And all I can say is...it's harder than it looks! I'm not sure how some authors write two or three novels in a year. Maybe it gets easier with practice?


Blogger Barbara said...

Way to set goals! I think that is awesome!

I am an unpublished writer (and I use the term writer very loosely) and I know it can't take days or weeks just to come up with a short story! Then there is the going over and checking for punctuation, spelling and grammar. Then you need to go over again for readability! It takes a long time!

8:50 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

I am sure you’ll get there.
Start slowly and give yourself rewards for each step. Rewards for exercise is something I talk a lot about. Sometimes we need tangible inspiration

9:19 AM  
Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

That is awesome! I love tris and this is actually the first summer in a long time that I don't have my chunky butt signed up for one...so guess what is suffering! My athletic ability.

With your encouragement, I can totally be an online training partner... especially since school is coming to an end and I will have more time even working summer school!

If you'll have me, I am on it!

7:01 AM  

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