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Monday, July 03, 2006

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet...Not!

Went to the gym, but kind of screwed up my workout. I went on the treadmill, and got all uppity and shit and decided to try 3.5 mph. Two minutes in I figured, what the hell, and upped it to a slow jog. I didn't warm up enough and my shins hurt so bad I had to slow way down to 2.8--slower than my normal. After 15 mintues I switched to the bike and was able to do 15 more minutes. Ugh. Won't let that happen again.

Also did weight training. I really like the Y, vs. the regular gym I belong to. It's far, far less crowded. And the people are nicer. They say hello to each other. They wipe their machines down after they use them. Two people smiled at me today and asked how my workout was going. See...now that's nice. Don't you think? At the regular gym, no one ever says hello to anyone.

Superman was pretty good. Not as good as X-men or Spiderman, as far as comic book movies go. The ending was too vague for me. I won't go in to why it bugged me, because it's a spoiler. But...eh. It was entertainment. And eyecandy. And pretty blue eyes.

Ohh...one thing that definitely bothered the hell out of me was that it was set in modern times, but is supposed to be only five years after the last Superman movie. What the hell? They had cell phones and Jimmy Olsen had a digital SLR. Definitely modern times. That was jarring to me, I kept thinking about it all the way through the movie.


Blogger kathrynoh said...

Friendly gyms are nice. I used to go to a small neighbourhood gym but now have changed to a big chain in the city which is much more anonymous. I do get through my workout quicker though cos I'm not hanging around chatting to people :)

7:34 PM  
Blogger Living to Feel Good said...

I can't decide if I want to see that or wait to Netflix it. Seems like most are saying they like it.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

I'm pretty lucky, my gym is, for the most part, very friendly. Which reminds me....i should e there right now!

7:21 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Oooh, Xmen and Spiderman are my absolute fave comic movies. We are counting down the months until Spiderman 3 comes out next May. Did you see the trailer for that?

I think it's cool that you have a friendly place to go and work out. I'm too stinking chicken (and cheap) to join a gym.

8:03 AM  

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