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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Starts Tommorw

I've spent the last two weeks planning a kick-ass summer for 100 rural Nevada chicklets. Our program starts tomorrow and I'm so excited!

The only public swimming pool within 100 miles of here is actually more of a swimming hole right out of Mayberry. It's a lake, fed by a hot springs so it's deliciously warm, with little guppies swimming in it. It has a diving board and two slides, and is only missing a rope for Tom Sawyer to swing in on to be perfect. It's surrounded by beautiful big trees.

So we'll swim every Monday and Wednesday, bowl on Tuesdays, have theme days on Thursdays (omg, we made a dozen fake swords out of pool noddles, dowels and duct tape for renaissance day...fun!)and field trips on Fridays. We're going to Garnet Hill this week, where you can just pick garnets right up off the ground.

I broke down and weighed myself yesterday. I've pretty much maintained my weight. If i'd stuck with my Super Foods plan and skipped the zillion Big Macs, I'm sure I would have lost--but I'm not complaining.

I think all the activity and sun and limited access to food will be good for me this summer.

I've decided to try to post more pictures, starting tomorrow. My blog is so boring to look at!


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