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Saturday, August 19, 2006


We're going to Ely this afternoon and coming home Monday night. Expect an update Tuesday with lots of pictures!

This afternoon we're hitting up the White Pine County fair...and then tomorrow is the annual White Pine County horse races. I can hardly wait! I read Seabiscuit a few months ago, and it got me all excited about racehorses. Plus, me and Adrienne watched Dreamer a couple of days ago. Horsies!

I plan on checking out the Ely thrift store for the first time, and attempting to find a yard sale or two.

We're looking at a couple of houses Monday. It's just for fun...for now.

Most importantly--my baby will be 14 tomorrow! FOURTEEN. *swoons* How did that happen?


Blogger BigAssBelle said...

oh, i love thrift store shopping now that things fit better. at 368 was very hard to find anything that worked, but now i love it.

hope you have a great time. lynette

4:47 PM  

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