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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Time to get out!

I get in these funks sometimes. Actually, it happens every August. I stop going outside. The heat is oppressive. And since it's monsoon season, it's fairly humid (okay, I know that 20 to 25 percent humidity isn't much to some of you. But when it's 110 degrees outside, and you're used to more like 4 percent, it blows.)

I just realized that I have not left my house for five days. FIVE DAYS. Except to take the trash out. I haven't taken my kids anywhere. I haven't done anything outside of my home for five whole days.

That's just wrong. Every day I think I should take the kids swimming. But it's SO HOT. Our van is like an easy-bake oven. Even with the air on, the windows and the doors stay so hot, they're like reverse ice cubes, keeping the air hot. And burning my elbow and knee when I'm driving.

God. I hate August. Hate. August.

I actually gave birth in August once. August 20, 1992. Adrienne will be 14 in eight days. I'm not sure how we survived the drive home from the hospital.

And...damn, my baby is going to be 14 in eight days. *sob*


Blogger iportion said...

Maybe you can call a cab wouldn't they be cool and go to the mall and movies

You need to get out

4:29 PM  
Blogger BigAssBelle said...

I feel your pain. It was 107 here Thursday and . . . ugh. I hate it. August always kind of sucks the life out of me. I get a psychological lift just by crossing the line of September 1 ~ it's really no cooler, but I know there's relief coming.

One thing that does help me is to be very observant of the changing of the light. It has changed drastically here in Tulsa ~ more of a slant, a little softer, about 1000 watts less than that straight overhead blazing sun of June and early July.

Fall is coming and with it will come a renewed energy and zest for this wonderful life.

You write beautifully. Thank you. lynette

11:00 AM  

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