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Monday, October 09, 2006

Testing Testing

I had a meeting at the middle school today. They are going to test Nick to see if he is somewhere on the 'Autism Spectrum.' It was like old home week up in there--the Autism specialist is a doctor who was the first special education person I ever spoke to about Nick, in kindergarten.

I was able to tell her about my frustrations. Especially about following her advice and taking Nick to the ADHD Clinic, where Nick, who turns out does NOT have ADHD, was put on medication that eventually contributed to him being arrested and hospitalized and medicated for ANOTHER illness that he doesn't have (Bipolar Disorder.) And about how if Nick had been tested and treated for Sensory Integration Dysfunction and learning disabilities and dyspraxia when he was six, his whole life would be different.

Dr. Silverstein listened, seemed to understand my frustration. She did try to defend herself and say that she would never insist that I medicate Nick. Whatever. Then she asked if I would be more comfortable with another doctor. I thought about it, but decided no. She's familiar with Nick, even if the last time she saw him, he was in the first grade. And she's the best. And I think she's motivated not to drop the ball with him.

I had to answer this crazy long questionairre about Nick and his behavior at home, his development, etc. Next Monday he will go in and start the testing. I'm very anxious to find out what the testing indicates.

I also arranged for Nick to go to school one period (about 45 minutes) a day. For social skills class, sixth period. It'll be good for him. You know--one of those times when you have to tell your kid that they'll thank you for it later.


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