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Monday, September 25, 2006

Me and My ADD

Have I ever mentioned that I had ADD? The biggest symptom, for me, is that I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. I get hyperfocused on...oh...writing, or selling vintage clothes, or moving, or losing weight...and then I move on after a while. Lucky for me, I have a list of things that I move around and around, so usually I make some progress (like finishing a novel, for example) before I move on for a while.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't written for so long. I'm going to work hard on updating this blog more often. Daily would be great. I feel like my life will pass by without a record, because I'm too disorganized to write a few paragraphs at the end of the day.

So...here's an update:

* My weight is stable. I'm down a couple I guess...about 295. My plan is to go back to writing down everything that I eat again for a while. It isn't that I'm restricting or dieting, it's that I have a habit of eating without even realizing it. Like...I'll suddenly notice the empty pint of Cherry Garcia in my hands and be all "What the hell? Did I eat that??" So, paying attention is a very good thing for me.

* We still haven't found a place in Ely. So my house is about a third packed and I feel very much in limbo. Do I unpack? Do I keep packing? Since I can't decide, I'm doing very little about packing at the moment. One man has offered to rent us his house, but it's not ideal. For one thing, he will only give us a four month lease, and then he's putting the house back on the market (it's been for sale a year) and let us rent month to month. And if we can't find somewhere else or qualify for a loan by the time his house sells? We're up a creek, I guess. And it might not matter much, because he might already have a buyer and will let us know by October 1st for a November 1st move in date.

* I've decided to do NaNoWriMo again. Last year I wrote the first (super crappy) draft of my novel during November, National Novel Writer's Month. It took me 10 months to make it worth reading. So I figure...let's try it again. I'm excited about it! Anyone want to join me? Last year I have a couple of partners and we just emailed each other and verified our word count.

Guess that's all for now. I'll write more tomorrow, I promise.


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