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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Anti-Stagnation Is a Good Thing

We made a difficult decision today. So difficult that, despite feeling better for having made it, I'm so sad that I just want to cry.

We're going to put off moving to Ely until next summer. *Sob*

Waiting will give us the chance to save up a down payment for a house, and pay off a few bills to raise our credit score. Waiting will mean not moving directly into real winter, which the kids and I have never experienced and Kevin has been away from for twenty or so years.

Waiting is right. It feels right, even though...holy Christ, it feels so wrong. I don't want to be here. I don't want to send Nick to the stupid school that he hates for another year. Not for another day. Watching the news tonight, there was a story about a sixth grader who stabbed two classmates on the way home from school. And then another one about the trial of a guy who police had to shoot at a store literally directly across the street from my house. They shot him after he ran after a clerk who escaped. Ran after her, toward my house.

I don't live in a bad neighborhood. Just a pretty basic, middle-class, fairly diverse area. An older part of town (no cookie-cutter, gated-community, Home-owner's-association hell for me, thanks), but still. I don't live in an innercity. This is just Las Vegas. Nice, eh?

I feel better. Less depressed. I can't stand limbo. My solution to a problem is to...well, find a solution. The last month or six weeks have been solution free. Just a jumble of boxes, wondering where we're going to live, boxes, going to duke it out with Nick's school AGAIN, boxes...did I mention the boxes? Everywhere. A sea of cardboard.

I feel better, because we have a plan. I'm the kinda chick that needs a plan. It isn't the plan that I wanted, but it will do. I still get stuck in this mindset that waiting will price us out of the Ely market, too. So, to keep myself balanced on that front I read this blog everyday. The market is correcting. When I look at the listings on my Ely realtor's website, every week more houses are added, and more of the old ones are reduced in price.

Let's have a moment of silence, shall we, for the idea that regular non-investor types like us might again one day have the chance to be homeowners without exotic loans and lying about our income.

Oh...I'm also about 90 percent sure that I'm going to homeschool Nick this year. He said this to me tonight: "Mom, please don't make me go to school tomorrow. I'm going to have a terrible day, and I just can't handle it." It's doubley hard on him, because Adrienne is homeschooled (sort of...she goes to a charter school where she does all her work at home and only goes to school half a day a week.) Ninty percent sure.

Thank you for all the kind emails. I'm okay. I'm better than that, because I'm not stagnant anymore. Whoo!


Blogger totegirl said...

Oh, I'm so sad to read this post. The heartbreak of losing that house was bad enough, but it just hasn't gotten much better, has it?

I'm glad you are considering homeschooling for the rest of this year. Poor Nick. I transferred my son out of our school district because the home school was just too rough for my little bean pole. If it doesn't kill 'em, it makes 'em stronger is the saying, but I'm not willing to take that chance, and I know you're not either.

I know the wait will be worth it. I really have the feeling that once it's over, you'll have way more options available. Yay! It will be great!

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Kada said...

I hear ya on the waiting to buy a house thing. My husband and I found a wonderful house here in Los Angeles about two months ago. We could afford the loan, especially since it was no money down, and we have excellent credit scores.
The house was between $405-410,000 dollars after tax.
The problem wasn't that the house wasn't in a great neighbourhood, (only a neighbourhood we most probably could have been ok in, with a school district that wasn't so good,) but that we would have liked to continue to be able to eat.

It's very depressing when you're ready to buy a home, but are completely priced out of even the lowest price area that you'd sort of maybe be Ok with living in, despite earning a pretty good wage! It was heartbreaking.

Hang on to that hope! Keep trying the best you can and save as hard as possible. We're doing the same thing.

Love your blog and look forward to seeing your progress.

3:15 PM  

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