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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here we go again...

I've gone back to recording everything I eat at www.calorieking.com. It isn't that I restrict, or even diet. It's just that I have this habit of mindless eating--hungry or not--and writing down what I eat helps with that. I got away from it, and my weight has been completely stagnant, bouncing between 295 and 305 for months. That seems like quite a bounce doesn't it? To me, too. I'm not sure what that's about.

Anyway, I decided that I'm ready to make a small effort to move away from that number. For some reason I'm mentally stuck there. If I can lose another twenty pounds, the combonation of being 50 pounds down AND having a cushion outside my bounce range from 300 pounds, will be a huge lift.

I weigh 304 pounds right now. I lost one pound last week. I'm weighing in on Tuesday's again. One happy thing. I seem to have broken my weighing habit. In the beginning I was weighing every time I went into the bathroom. I had to have Kevin hide the scale for a while, because it was getting to the point of scary OCD-ness. Now it's in the laundry room, and I'm not having any problem at all with only weighing on Tuesdays.

I broke down the other day and did a one-week free trial of weightwatchers.com. I canceled it today. I wasn't impressed. And I was given a nice graphic reminder of how my particular brain reacts to diets. Or even the perception of a diet. Even the idea that in seven days I may be charged $65 for three months of a diet. I binge. Apparently, I binge on Halloween candy. Hence the 305 starting weight this time around, and not 298. Sigh.

What seems to work for me is planning three meals--eating whatever I want for those meals, but with an eye toward a serving size that will leave me full but not stuffed. I almost always eat frosted mini-wheats with milk for breakfast. That along with lunch and dinner usually comes to about 1400 calories. I try to keep my calories at about 2000. It helps me curb my mindless eating. I have those 600 or so calories in mind when I'm hungry. It's plenty for two good snacks.

Okay. I feel very...back. It's time to take the next step down.


Blogger BigAssBelle said...

hey! i remember a huuuuuge movement that swept overeaters anonymous years ago. we called them the "Three meal a dayers" and it was such a wild concept, compared to our standard food plan mind set. they were, however, the first people i ever met who put together years and years and years of clean eating. it works. i hope it's going well for you.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Hope you find this helpful.

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