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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm down 1.5 pounds this week to 303.5. Not bad :)

Calorie King sent me the beta version of their massive updates the other day, and I loved them. Check out their site, it's well worth the $40 or so for the year. Their updates rock, too.


I took the kids to the park for this drive-thru Christmas light show. Yesterday was a free community day, otherwise it's $12 per car to drive through like a mile and a half of Christmas lights. I've never been, even though I've lived in Vegas since I was 16, mostly because I never heard of a free night before, and I'm too cheap to pay $12 to look at Christmas lights.

Kevin called yesterday and the chick said free night was TONIGHT, not last night. I was going to turn around and go home since I didn't bring any cash with me, but they let us through. I'm really glad we didn't pay. It wasn't worth $12. At least half the lights were things like "Sunny 101.5" and "Vons" and "U.S. Bank" all lit up in Christmas lights. The rest were...blah. Not worth $12.

And then we got a light show that's free here every night. Because I got lost coming home. Yes, I got lost coming home from a park that's literally a straight shot down ONE street from my house. And I mean really, really lost. I had to call someone for directions to get out of where I'd gotten us lost to. The only time I've ever been this lost was when I missed my exit on the 215 and ended up in Jean. Another town for God's sake. I shouldn't be allowed to drive. My sense of direction is legendarily bad.


I sent my book to an e-publisher this morning. Yes, I sent my book to a publisher of "romantica." That's a cross between romance and erotica.

I heard they were looking for submissions for a series of books next year, each based on a tarot card. The eight of cups was left on their list--and my book fit so perfectly that I figured, what the hell and sent it off. The worst they can say is no. I didn't write romantica on purpose, but my book does have some fairly graphic scenes. Especially the opening, which is an attempted rape. I've entered three contests so far. Each contest has two judges that do the preliminary round judging. I won first prize in the one. The other two, in the preliminary round one judge gave me a near perfect score and loved the opening, and the other judge scored me badly and said the opening was far too graphic for them. That's what made me decide to send it in.

I'm using a pen name if they buy my book. I've pretty much settled on mine and Kevin's middle names, because I read that one of my favorite author's did that when she needed a pen name. Maria Michael. What do you think?

The fact is I think I've written a decent book. I read a couple novellas on Ellora's Cave--research you know--and it's at least that good. I spent the last three days re-reading it and giving it one last polishing. I still really like it. I haven't had any luck finding an agent, and I think if I can place this book with an e-publisher like Ellora's Cave (which is respected, and picky...not like a vanity press where you pay to publish whatever you want)and it gets good sales, I'll have an easier time finding an agent for my next novel.

So there you have it. The resident fat girl may soon be a published author of chick porn. HAHAHA!


Blogger kathrynoh said...

Woohoo, another smutmonger :)

Good luck with your book.

11:03 PM  
Blogger snackiepoo said...

Awesome.....girl porn and weight loss in one post!

9:11 AM  

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