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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gearing up for the new year

As happens this time every year, I can feel myself gearing up for a good old-fashioned health-food kick. It occurred to me last week, on my husband's 38th birthday, that we aren't getting any younger. And that three of our four parents had serious health issues when they weren't all that much older than us.

My mom died from breast cancer when she was 48. That's only thirteen years older than I am no, and only ten older than Kevin.

My dad just finished treatment for prostate cancer. He's 59.

Kevin's dad had a heart attack about ten years ago, in his early 50s. He is the only man in his family to have survived past the age of 56, thanks to heart disease.

I'm making appointments for both of us to have general health check-ups in January. Kevin doesn't like it, but too bad for him. He doesn't get to have a baby in his mid-thirties and then forget to take care of his health.

We both weigh in the area of 300 pounds, even with our family histories of health issues that can be exacerbated by obesity. We eat so much junk food, it's ridiculous. My dad's doctor told him that his prostrate problem can be directly attributed to eating a diet high in transfats. Breast cancer is harder to detect early in women who are obese. I don't think anything needs to be said about a man with a family history of heart disease weighing close to 300 pounds. Over Christmas his mother said something to me about Kevin being at less risk because he doesn't smoke, like his father did when he had his heart attack. The fact is though, he's been exposed heavily to second-hand smoke since she smoked her way through her pregnancy with him. He grew up with two smokers smoking in the house and for seventeen years he's worked in casinos where people blow smoke in his face all day long.

So my goal for the next year is not to diet, but to eat healthier. Organic produce, transfat- and hydrogenated-oil-free foods, free range, hormone-free meat (and less of it.) Fresher, cleaner food in, I think, means a healthier body. Also some exercise. Not a gym, or anything organized...just getting off our asses and moving everyday. Going to the park, taking a walk.

This year is about feeling good, and trying to lessen our chances of following in our parents' footsteps.

I'm still having issues with food obsession. I've noticed it helps if I don't let myself graze. I know that a lot of people think it's healthier to graze, and they are probably right. But when I do--when I just eat more frequent small meals, or just snack when the mood hits--it always leads to binging. If I eat regular meals--breakfast, lunch and dinner--and eat enough to be full--I feel much more in control.


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