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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ely...for sure this time (I think)

Kevin and I sat down over the weekend and came up with a concrete six-month plan for getting the hell out of dodge. And now that my initial shock over Nick being "officially" autistic has warn off, I'm not as keen on moving to Denver, ten hours away from family.

I think.

Yes. Definitely, I know I want to be in Ely. I love the place. Everytime we're there, it makes me feel clean and happy. It's so pretty and peaceful. I'm slightly worried about being so isolated from the rest of the world. For 100 miles in any direction is a big old bunch of nothing but high desert. Most things are shipped in. But then I started thinking. A hundred years ago, before the real advent of the oil age, Northern Nevada thrived. THRIVED. All the quirky little towns were rockin' back then. And Vegas? Vegas was a few very hardy souls living in cabins and trying to survive.

Ely and all the other little towns up there were originally railroad towns. I think it's likely that, with the advent of Global Warming/Peak Oil/Energy Crisis, train travel will come back into vogue. Might not hurt to live in a town that's already set up for that.

I found this blog today and loved it. Check out her essay on life five years after Peak Oil. Fascinating stuff. This family is doing what we (okay, mostly I) want to do. Preparing, but still living.

One thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. If summer 2007 is really going to be worse than summer 2006, which was worse than any other summer on record...I do NOT want to be in Vegas for it. No way. I want to try very hard to move by June.


Blogger snackiepoo said...

Yay for moving! I can' imagine living where you do being as fun as visiting :).

7:48 AM  

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