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Saturday, December 30, 2006

2007: a year in resolutions

The offical list of 2007 resolutions:

1. Be more health concious. Eat Superfoods, go to the doctor for a checkup (Kevin, too), get a baseline mamogram and my thyroid checked, walk everyday, get enough sleep (at least seven hours a night), take vitamins, eat organic in-season food, FEEL GOOD.

2. Write the first draft of my second novel. Two thousand words a day, just like Stephen King. (I'd say everyday except the Fourth of July, my birthday and Christmas, but 2000 words a day from January 1 to July 4 is like 800 pages.)

3. Rework the query letter for my first novel and send it out one more time.

4. Publish my first piece of fiction, probably a short story.

5. Completely declutter* our house so that I don't have to spend so much time cleaning, or feeling guilty for not cleaning. Flylady, here I come. *Declutter=get rid of half of everything. And forgodsake stop bringing in more.

6. Get the kids new mattresses.

7. Pay off debt.

8. Save 15 percent of income.

9. Work hard on being happy where I am, even if I want to be somewhere else.

10. Travel somewhere I've never been.

11. Take the kids to the Grand Canyon.

12. Find appropriate schools for Adrienne and Nicholas.

13. Take more pictures, and actually develop them.

14. Complete the New York Institute of Photography program with Adrienne. This is the last year to do it, before it expires.

Here's my biggest goal for 2007. Get through the fall-to-winter transition without getting sick. I have the mother of all sinus infections right now. You know that awful feeling that your head weighs too much and might just go rolling off your shoulders? And the off-kilter experience of being congested but not having a runny nose to blow and clear it up. And pressure on your teeth that makes you want to take pliers to them and yank them all out. And a red, raw throat from all the unspeakable stuff that has to drain SOMEWHERE if your head isn't going to explode. Ick.

I'm reading the Superfoods book I linked to above. It's pretty fascinating stuff. By the time you eat all the healthy stuff, there isn't room for junk. It's definitely not a diet. I put the daily reccomendations into Calorie King and came up with about 2000 calories, which happens to be just what I should be eating. This year isn't about losing weight. It's about feeling better.


Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

Sounds absolutely great, Shaunta! Here, here to eating healthier in the new year.

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