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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still in the apartment from hell

The sellers of the house we're trying to buy decided not to give us the extra time we need to close the loan.

So we went and looked at some more houses and found one that we really like that costs $65,000 less. Of course, the minte we decided we loved it, the realtor called and said that the sellers of the first house changed their mind.

So no we have to decide by this morning which house to buy. The first one is more expensive, but so close to work and everything else. Plus it has a half acre. The second house is eleven miles away in the next town, which has nothing but houses and a grocery store.

Damn. I'm so tired of making decisions. I just want to buy a house and be done with it.


Blogger totegirl said...

Aw, chicky, sorry to hear about that the housing situation still rages on. I would say to never underestimate the value of being close to work and having lots of stuff convenient to you.

I hope it works out.

1:02 PM  

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