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Friday, June 09, 2006

McDonald's Triumph

I went to the gym again today. That's the fifth workout since Sunday. Since I've already done my three bike tri-training sessions for the week, I decided to give my ass a break. Seriously...yesterday's long ride left me feeling rather numb in the nether regions.

I went 25 minutes on the treadmill. I'm still completely shocked at how much stronger I am already. I did 20 minutes at 3.0 mph, and 5 at 3.5 mph. Amazing. Just six weeks ago I couldn't even finish 20 minutes at 2.5 and had to keep going down to 2.0 to catch my breath.

I'm going to rest tomorrow. Surprisingly, the idea isn't making me happy. I might go anyway, if I can manage it. The problem is both big kids are home and Kevin is working both jobs tomorrow. I can't leave Adrienne and Nick home alone together. They are like oil and water if they don't have a mediator (read: mom.) If I do I'm just going to swim.

I had McDonald's today. The first time in six weeks. I ate a premium grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo...yuck, I hate mayo...put mustard on it at home. MMMM) and french fries. I really wanted those fries. Had a medium and enjoyed every damn one of them. With ketchup. I also had two chocolate chip cookies. I wanted those cookies. My lunch came in at about 1000 calories. I had a light breakfast (less than 300 calories) and plan on a lightish dinner. THIS is what I'm aiming for...working so hard for...knowing in my bones that I can eat whatever I want and not gain back all I've lost. That eating McDonald's doesn't mean that I have to eat everything in the restaurant, and then come home and raid my kitchen like Godzilla. I can eat McDonald's without going outside my calories for the day...even fries and cookies.

My pre-5/06 McDonald's order would have been a Big Mac, Large fries and the cookies. About 1500 calories. A savings of 500 calories. More importantly my meal had 20 grams of fat, vs. a whopping 70 in my normal order. Wow! My entire days fat, including what I plan on eating for dinner (another turkey rueben, a salad with blue cheese and Newman's Own light Italian, and pineapple) only has 60 grams of fat.

Even with the McDonald's I'm at 28 percent fat for the day. Since I aim for under 30, I'm happy.

I got a book from Amazon today called "Slow Fat Triathlete" by Jayne Williams. This woman lost down from 269 to something like 180. She's 5'9", about the same height as me. There is a picture of her on the cover, running...and I would be so happy to look like she does there. Not skinny, or even thin...but strong and fit. She says that she started training for her first triathlon when she was down to about 220. That makes sense to me. I think I'll be able to run when I'm down to that weight without hurting myself.

I've noticed the last two days that when I walk, I find myself actually wanting to jog. WANTING TO JOG, Ya'll. It's like a freaking miracle or something. I don't do it, because I really am afraid of damaging my joints. After all I still weigh a little more than 300 pounds. But that the feeling of wanting it is there is huge. HUGE.

So my dad just called and he asked what was going on...and seeing as how I'm in the middle of a post about triathlons, I decided to tell him. And even see if he wanted to tackle one with me. A little bit of a mistake. I don't think he thinks I'm serious. The hazard of being The Family Fat One for the last fifteen years. Guess those fifteen cancel out the fifteen before when I was The Family Athlete.

That's okay. Right now, this minute, I feel strong, and light, and fitter than I have in years. I feel hopeful and healthy. I can do this.

I seriously think we should start a little Fat Girl Tri Club, right here at Once Upon a Fat Girl. The thing about triathlons is that you don't have to be fast. All levels of ability do it. The book I'm reading says that there are always some people at the races who don't even run. At all. They walk their 3.5 miles.


Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

I love that book. In fact, Jayne is a fellow weight watchers member, she was on my WW tri team and I've met her in person. she is an awesome human being. you are going to love that book!

I'm in for your Fat Girl Tri club!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Lindsey said...

I watched this triathlon on tv once and was instantly all like omg, I want to be able to do that!

Maybe one day? I'd join your fat girl tri club!

It's good your father's bit of disbelief didn't curve your positive attitude. You kick some ass. :D

6:12 PM  

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