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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Super Woman!


I did that strength training program today. Damn. That was the hardest, best workout I've ever had. Not hard like I couldn't do it. Hard, like I was sweating and when it was over I was used up. I feel like I could lift tall buildings...or something like that :)

I'm glad I don't have to do it again until Sunday. I'm thinking I'll fell this (in a good way) tomorrow.

The doctor's appointment went well. Adrienne is healthy, Ruby is healthy. Both are properly innoculated and won't be getting measles, mumps, ruebella, chicken pox or hepititis. The doctor gave Adrienne the OK for working out. She said at 5'4.5" and 158 pounds, its okay for her to lose a little weight, but she shouldn't go under 130. Which made me very happy, because that's what I'd already told her. She also reiterated to Adrienne that she's still growing and should not diet--and that exercising and eating a balanced diet would keep her at a healthy weight.

I love this doctor. She's moved all over Las Vegas, and I keep trekking my kidlings around to see her. What I love best about her is that whenever I bring in Ruby, she remembers Adrienne and Nick and their specific health concerns and asks about them.

Made a fun discovery today. This restaurant downtown, Jillians, has an arcade and a bowling alley. But it's one of those arcades that costs $1-2 for one game. Anyway, on Wednesdays and Sundays they have 'kids day.' For $4.50 the kids get a game of bowling, a buffet lunch and a $5 game card. We went today before the Y and it was a hoot. Especially the bowling...we all suck so bad! LOL

I ordered me a nice grilled chicken sandwich for lunch...but I was starving and it took TWENTY minutes for it to come. So I ended up eating a couple of Nick's chicken nuggets and a couple of mini-corn dogs. I stopped eating my sandwich when I was full...a little more than half...but it was so good I wished I'd resisted the crapola. I'm pretty proud of the way I'm getting the hang of stopping when I'm full. Even at restaurants.


Blogger Jen said...

Good for you!! I bet you feel like a million bucks! I sure hope you are proud of yourself! Yay YOU!

It's hard to find a good doctor. You are lucky, even if you do have to follow her around, lol.

I haven't been bowling in forever, glad you had fun!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Cookie said...

I'm glad the doctor's appointment went well and the she confirmed what you had been telling your daughter. I really admire your parenting skills and how you are working so hard to instill such healthy attitudes about weight and food in your kids.

10:17 AM  

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