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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Food: Jan. 11, 2007

Okay, that Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese stuff? It so is. I really like it. Damn those transfats.

I didn't cook tonight. The kids ate left overs and I had: Whole wheat toast brushed with 1 teaspoon or so olive oil and topped with avocado. I also had baked lays and an orange and a banana. It was delicious, superfood-y and satisfying.

I've noticed something odd the last two days or so. I'm not hungry. This is a big deal for me. It isn't just that I'm controlling cravings or having will-power. In between meals, there is no hunger. I really attribute this to eating about twice as much fat and fiber. I don't need as much food to feel full, and I'm staying full much longer.

In the past ten days, 100 percent of the added fat I've eaten has been from olive oil. (Meaning that any fat I've added to something has been olive oil, instead of butter or margerine or some other sort of oil.) My skin looks lovely.

Oh, ooh! Also since we've stopped buying soda for the house, I've been drinking a lot more water. It took some getting used to. I really think that at least some of my ickiness last week was my body adjusting to the lack of caffine.

So, ten days in I'm really happy with the switch to looking at food as a path to health. I went out to lunch with my dad yesterday, and I was able to keep with my program. Not because it's a program, or because I'm on a diet and need to have willpower, but because I feel so good right now and I didn't want to feel sick.

I read an article last week about how to prepare for Peak Oil, and one of the suggestions was getting healthy. It just makes sense, if you believe that our world is in a time of change, to be as physically well-prepared for it as you can be. And even if by some stroke of miraculous luck Cheney was right when he said that the American Way of Life was non-negotiable, I'm still not willing to be continue to be left behind because I weigh twice what is healthy for me. I'm not willing to continue sacrificing bike riding, sitting comfortably in a restaurant booth, my chances of being a healthy Nana, or being around to see what changes really are in store for the world.


Nick and I walked to his doctor's appointment today. Coming home was uphill and against heavy winds, so that's gotta be extra points! I've walked 90 minutes out of 150 that is my goal for this week (ending Tuesday.)


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Great job on the walking! Keep up the good work!

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