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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Food: Jan. 15, 2007

Dinner tonight was good old Campbell's chicken noodle. It's freaking COLD here tonight. Brrrrr. (I know, I know...if you're from the midwest, it's actually scary cold...but my poor cold nose and fingers don't think that logically!)

I have a new favorite breakfast. A half cup of low-fat granola and a cup of Brown Cow lemon yogurt. Mmmmm...it's really filling and scrumptious. And with the oats, nuts and yogurt, gets three superfoods in. Nice. If I add an orange...that's four.

Lunch was a salad with grilled chicken.

Here's my favorite salad blend. Super easy, healthful and delish.

Equal parts romaine or other dark green lettuce and baby spinach
A cup or two of chopped fresh broccoli
Half a head of shredded red cabbage

Mix it all up and eat away. If you have the patience to grate carrots, then that would be an excellent addition.

I keep my salad mix in one of those old school rectangular Tupperware veggie keepers. They're green and have a little grate thing that sits in the bottom. If you can find one at a thrift or garage sale, snap it up. It's worth it's weight in gold. I've had salad last ten days in one and stay just as fresh as the first day I bought it. I had some broccoli in mine that had been in there since the first, and it was still crunchy and fresh. I added it to my salad.

I went to Sunflower Market last night and for the first time bought only organic foods. It wasn't easy. I think because I went so late in the day. I'm going to try for a morning trip next week. The funny thing about organic is that it doesn't look as perfect--without the waxes and whatever they have on them--but the taste is unbelievable. I think they have to sell them faster, because they don't have any perservatives on them. Maybe?


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