Once Upon a Fat Girl

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Week One: Good Choices

So I keep thinking to myself: If I can only make one good choice a day that saves me 500 calories, I can easily lose just one pound a week. Just one, folks. That's my whole goal.

Yesterday I took Adrienne to school, and I came with in inches of stopping to get McDonald's. I'd already had some Special K for breakfast, so it wasn't a matter of being starved or anything. Just, I had some cash and I wanted an Egg McMuffin. Which, you know, comes with hash browns. That's 440 calories saved by just driving on by. Whoo!

According to this calculator I have been eating a whooping 4000 calories to lose weight. I've been keeping track that last few days on SparkPeople of what I'm eating and I've been shocked at how hard it is to stay under 3000 calories. Doesn't that seem like a huge number? Especially when there are so many 1200 calorie diets out there. No wonder in the past I have never been able to even stick with 2000 calories. I need to take this more like a turtle and less like a rabbit. I only need to stay under 3500 (for now) to meet my one pound a week goal. That, I can do. In fact, without too much trouble I can stick to 3000. By too much trouble, I mean without suddenly breaking out into dreams about Cherry Garcia.

I think we should make this a national movement. One pound a week. Not two. Not five. Certainly not 10 or 15, no matter what happens on the Biggest Loser. Just one. Who's with me? Just one. Any one can do that.

Later I'll post my recipe for Cabbage Soup, which sounds like diet food but is SO good that you'll eat it every chance you can just because...YUM!


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