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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week One: The Weigh In

Proof that taking it slow and easy works: I love 5.5 pounds this week. I did a double take and stepped on the scale three times. I made Ruby get on the scale to make sure she still weighed the same. Yep. Five and a half pounds. Painless.

So, week two is under weigh. One pound. Just one.

I really think I'm on to something here. Embracing small goals, aiming for just a small amount of change each week instead of trying to go from 0 to 100 in the shortest possible time is working for me so far.

Start: 323.5 (I can't believe I'm admitting that I'd gone back up to my highest weight.)
Today: 318


Blogger Sunny said...

Wahoo! Great job! Doesn't if feel wonderful! Even if it's not this much EVERY week - it does feel good once in awhile. You have a great attitude and I have no doubt you'll lose another pound or two this coming week! Baby steps....

8:53 AM  

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