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Friday, September 05, 2008

Time to Take Control

My life has been insane this summer.

I sold two books. Two manuscripts that I wrote, to publishers. I am an author.

I went to San Francisco to meet with agents and publishers at the huge and amazing Romance Writer's of America national conference. It was the most insanely wonderful experience.

Nicholas, my son who has Asperger's Syndrom, has started high school. Stress leading up to it, but so far so good as far as the actual experience goes. Both he and Adrienne are working their hearts out.

I'm finishing up a 9 month long class in advocacy for people with disabilities that required a once a month weekend away from home.

And I weigh 330 pounds today.

So something has to give.

I don't need to hide anymore. That's my mantra. I don't need to hide. I can give up the extra 150 or so pounds. They've done their job. I don't need the insulation against the world anymore. I'm ready to meet it head on.

So I've signed up for the Biggest Loser Club. I'm not sure how long term I'll do it. But I really need strong help cutting back my calories. I'm eating 3500 to 4000 a day. Those are such huge numbers, and I don't even feel like I'm eating that much. Biggest Loser Club, based on my weight, put me on about 1800 to 2000 a day. That's half. Or a defect of about 14000 a week...that's four pounds a week, just in uneaten calories.

The program recommends five days of cardio and three of strength training a week. I figure that's good for another two pounds a week. Kevin gave me a little trampoline for Christmas last year. I really like it, because it's freaking freezing up here a good part of the year, starting pretty darn soon. It gives the kids and me a chance to get some indoor exercise. I've been jumping on it everyday for the last week. I can go for about ten minutes right now (two songs.) I do it several times throughout the day. My goal is to be able to jump for an hour straight (twelve songs) by Christmas.

So I'm not holding my breath for six pounds lost a week. That's silly. But there are 17 weeks until Christmas. I think I can lose 30 pounds by then and go to my next major family gathering weighing less than 300 pounds. That's my goal.

So that's it. I'm a huge Biggest Loser fan. I'll be following along with them for the rest of this year. The show starts Sept. 16. I start today.


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