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Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Wheels!

A little background:

For a year we were a one-car family. That car was my elderly Saturn SL2. Worked out fine, because Kevin worked nights. He didn't go in until about eight in the evening, and was home before we woke up in the morning.

Then I got pregnant, and suddenly the Saturn wasn't big enough for two large adults, two medium-sized preteens and a carseat. Yikes! A neighbor at the end of our street put their even more elderly minivan (ugly, too...he used it as a work van for his painting business.) We bought it for $600.

With about $1500 worth of work, that van lasted for nearly two years. Then yesterday it bought the farm. The air went out...and the windows wouldn't go down. Some sort of electrical problem that waited until the temperatures were over 105 to rear it's head. Kev took the van to the shop, and was told that it was in such bad shape, they wouldn't even look at it.

Long story short...we bought a new-to-us minivan last night! A 2002 Ford Windstar. Do I wish it could have been some sort of Earth-friendly hybrid? Yes. Absolutely. I hope that eventually family-sized hybrids will be affordable to the regular family. It's kind of a weird feeling, driving around in this fancy-schmancy silver minivan with the automatic doors and quite engine. I feel like a soccer mom. Driving that old piece of shit--parking it in our inner-city driveway--actually felt sort of like a rebellion against that suburban-mom image. (Guess now I have to face the fact that...um...I AM a suburban-mom!) Ah well. Now we can drive to Disneyland in July without worrying about it!


Went swimming this morning. Big fun! Still can't do more than about 100 yards freestyle. But I still love being in the water. It is a little sobering to see the senior citizens swimming lap after lap after lap, though!

Nick is really getting in to swimming. Every time we've been to the pool this week, he actually gets in the lap lane and does some laps practicing for his Saturday swim lesson. His teacher is a pretty girl who is a lifeguard at the pool during the week...so I'm pretty sure that's part of it. HAHA!

I woke up a little stiff and sore this morning from my strength training yesterday. The workout I did, remember, was specifically designed for triathletes. And I can really feel it in the muscles needed for running/biking/swimming. Especially the front of my thighs and my chest. I'm hoping that the strength training will improve my swimming ability--because right now it's non-existent.

I'm feeling very enthusiastic and optimistic again about this whole thing. Like I can do this. I have way more engergy during the day--although I've noticed that I need more sleep at night. I thought I might need less, with exercise, but no. I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep a night since Ruby was born. I need the full eight now, or else I'm dragging ass by lunch. I'm going to have to start going to bed earlier I think.


Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

I am so, so, so proud of you Shaunta! You are training like a pro, literally. Plus, you're the good kind of sore..stiff with a hint of pride.

And I'm so psyched that Nick is into the swimming. I have a brother who is ADHD, and as a kid swimming helped him tons. Helped my mom tons, too, because his body would just give out and he'd sleep longer than without the exercise. We're talking without exercise about 3 hours of sleep on an average night, with the swim 5-6 hours....drastic change...that and the fact they cut out artificial flavors and colors under the advise of a specialist. But I digress.

As for your swimming, the strength training will help the swimming, and vice versa. It's amazing how each activity really folds in so well with the others when you're tri training.

Again, Shaunta, I'm so proud of you!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

I'll be shedding my soccer mum image soon (although I'm actually a rugby mum now). Once the boy leaves school this year, the SUV's getting traded on a car - preferrably with two doors! A sleed model to go with the sleeker me...

4:15 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

It's funny you should mention the sleeping thing. I'm feeling tuckered out lately too. I didn't think that walking could do that to you but hey I suppose it's possible when I've sedentary for so long :)

Congrats on the new wheels!

8:27 PM  
Blogger drstaceyny said...

Developing muscle will definitely help with your triathlon training (particularly the swimming!) It will, as you noticed, require you to sleep more, because that's when muscle growth and repair is accomplished. And, for the record, I've run a marathon and can only swim 100 yards--it's hard!

7:43 AM  

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