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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Diet Survivor: Lesson #2

I am working through the sixty lessons in The Diet Survivor's Handbook by Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel.

Lesson two:

Honor your hunger. It's your body's nautural way of telling you that it's time to eat.

This is a toughie. And it is the thing that kicked my ass hard for two weeks and continues to spank me on a regular basis. Because, you know, it's hard to honor something that you aren't even sure is happening.

"Am I really hungry?" I ask myself that a thousand times a day. Every time I think I'd like a cookie, or I feel a little twinge in the belly-ish area.

Am I hungry, or thirsty?

Am I hungry, or bored?

Hungry, or tired?

Hungry, or happy?

See?? Frustration city.

The flip side is asking myself, with half a ham and avocado sandwich still on my plate, whether I am full. And then stepping away from the yumminess if the answer is yes.

I wonder often whether skinny people deal with this. Were they just born without the hunger trigger? Do they have some kind of super-human will that makes it possible for them to leave half a dozen fries on their plate, or skip the cookies for dessert if they are full?

Today's activity introduces a hunger scale:

Very hungry
Somewhat hungry
Not hungry/Not full (the very very worst, imo)
Somewhat full
Very full

The idea is to respond to somewhat hungry or hungry by...eating. Haha. Waiting until the top two might increase the risk of binging.

Interestingly, the book does not go into when a girl should stop eating. Somewhat full? The dreaded not hungry/not full limbo? Can she actually eat until she's full? I'm going out on a limb here and saying the last two are to be avoided.

As my norm pre-trying to lose some pounds was to eat until Very Full--I'm going to knock it down to Somewhat Full and see how that goes.


Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

I think somewhat full is a great choice. I have come to respect the not hungry/not full thing. At that point, I try to wrap up my sandwich (that's what press and seal wrap is for) and stash it until the hunger comes back. If it doesn't come back, I can eat it the next day...that is, unless my husband eats it....

3:30 PM  
Anonymous dg said...

i love these posts! it sounds like a brilliant book.

and i love your phrase, "stepping away from the yuminess". so true! i can be full but find it so hard to turn away from something so delicious. it really is hard to listen to your hunger...

4:29 AM  
Blogger snackiepoo said...

That book sounds great; I've really been trying to notice the same things lately and only eat when I am hungry rather than cause I just want to; also I have made it my effort for the last year to leave some on my plate, LOL. That was a huge change and now it is like automatic and stuff.

5:32 AM  

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