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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Whoo...we're on our way!

Do you ever look around and ask yourself...Self? What the fuck have you gotten yourself into now??

We're moving. Really moving. To rural Nevada. My excitement level is off the charts. I want to be there NOW. I want to know right now that we got our house, that our loan went through, that we got a decent interest rate...all that good stuff.

I want to skip the entire packing fiasco and just, you know, go shopping when we get there.

Except...oh yeah. There isn't much shopping there! No Target. Gah.

And also...ahh...no Target. No Wal-Mart. No smog. No traffic. No fuckers breaking into your house and stealing your Target card then using it to spend $100 at 7-11.

But the packing. OH! The packing. I had a brilliant plan today. Pack the dining room/office. Yeah. Right. I did manage to pack my gargantuan desk. Two full trashbags and one huge lawn size bag of Goodwill goodies--and one medium sized box.

I have no idea what will happen with my weight. We're moving in six weeks, and let's just say that the Y isn't in the plans. There is just no time. I'm leaving on Monday to take Adrienne up there, so she can spend the six weeks with her grandparents and start school on the first day. Coming home the next day so that on Wednesday Nick can start school. Then it's just me and the Ruby-cakes packing our little hearts out.

My plan is this: Throw away half. At least. I want to move into my new house completely stream lined and organized. Nothing I don't love. That includes the clothes that fit me when I was 323 pounds and now, 25 pounds later, hang on me. It also includes the size 14-22s I'm holding on to for "Someday."

Another thing. I'm scared of winter. Makes sense to move in October then, doesn't it? I've never had a real winter. You know...negative degrees. Snow. SNOW! Ely is still the desert (read: Dry) so it doesn't get the heavy wet back-east kind of snow. And it doesn't get tons of it.

But still. COLD. and SNOW. How do I handle this? What do I need to buy?? Winter coats, right? And gloves. Real shoes. Scarfs. Hats. Long johns (seriously, we are that thin blooded!) Sweaters. Blankets (we use thinnish quilts year-round, I'm thinking they won't do in Ely winters.)

Help. Anyone? What am I missing?? Any winter/fall COLD weather tips?


Blogger duenneschen said...

how exciting!!!

i hope everything runs smoothly for you!!

i could give you some great winter advice since i'm from michigan but i have a feeling your winters may be a little different than our winters!

7:52 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

That is so exciting!! Moving is a grand adventure. Hopefully you'll get used to that cold weather and it won't drive you insane :) Lot's of warm clothes and fuzzy slippers help :)

10:41 AM  

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