Once Upon a Fat Girl

Monday, September 08, 2008

Day Three

FIRST: Please go check out my new writing blog at my own little domain name :)

I had my first substitute teaching job of the year today. Fifth grade. It went well, I think.

I ate a decent breakfast and packed my snack and lunch according to my BLC plan. Yay me!

I have come of the conclusion that I can not have cookies in my house. Ever. I can't stop eating them. I bought some oatmeal cookies because they were called for on my plan (I swear!) and in three days I've eaten about the whole package.

I weighed myself at the school, because my scale needs a new battery. According to that scale, I lost two pounds this week. I'm calling it four though because I weighed myself after lunch and wearing my shoes and a ankle-length denim skirt instead of being nakies.

I feel good. I think that's the most important thing. I feel strong.

Except my arms. I did 150 wall-ups yesterday and my arms hurt so bad it's making me sick to my stomach.


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