Once Upon a Fat Girl

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Really Big Plan

I have plans. Big ones. I know that I haven't posted here in forever, and regularly even longer than that. But I have big, big plans. And I want a place to keep them in order. And this place hit the big-plan lottery!

I've started working as a drug and alcohol counselor and I've learned something that's really eye-opening to me in my nearly constant (and failing) pursuit to lose weight. There are six stages of change. Precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination.

I've been stuck in a perpetual cycle of contemplation mixed with brief periods of preparation and hard shots of action. Followed by even harder relapse. So I'm giving myself a good long time in the preparation stage. From now until January.

I'm the only one who works in my building. I have a big group room with a TV where I can exercise during lunch hour. I also work directly across the street from a football field that will make a nice track when the weather warms up. I have a fridge and a microwave so there is no excuse for eating McDonald's for lunch.

My only goal is to feel good. To be healthy enough to have the energy to do more than work and sleep. It's a quarter to nine right now and I'm so tired. So bone tired. It's time to get my life back. Fat has had it long enough.


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