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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Back in the Saddle

My...it's surprising how easy it is to slip back into making excuses not to exercise. I haven't been to the gym once this week. First, for several days, I was too sick. But yesterday? And probably the day before? Just laziness. LMAO

It's thundering, I told myself. The kids will have to use the indoor pool.

I'll get back into it on Monday. (Yes, I actually had this thought...sigh)

So--I'm shaking it off today. Back to the gym. Back to sanity.

I'm doing fab with eating though. I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full. Yesterday we had Jason's Deli takeout for dinner...I ordered a salad and a sandwich. I ate half my sandwich, then several hours later my salad. The old me would have shoved all the food in at one sitting, no matter how full she was.

So at the gym today: 30 minutes on the bike.


Anonymous CJ said...

You are back on track now and THAT'S what really counts so no more beating yourself up for what you didn't accomplish this week at the gym. I read somewhere that being positive and focusing on what we WILL do is better in terms of fitness motivation than to focus on what we didn't accomplish. And after all, you were sick. Do you really think you could have given it 100% at the gym anyways without losing your balance or feeling faint or whatever else? I sprained an ankle a couple years ago because I was sick and figured I could still work out at my maxium in a high-impact areobic class once. Yes, my ass was introduced to the floor in a hurry and yes, I am such a freakin nut that I FINISHED the class on a sprained ankle. The bottom line is it took months for me to be back to 100% on the foot again. If I could go back in time now...I'd have done the couch potatoe thing for a couple days. Consider yourself much smarter than me because that injury was the beginning of a major setback in my fitness. Your doing GREAT. Don't forget that. I'm doing a blog (click my name) to help keep myself focused on my goals too. It's a new concept for me and so far just being accountable to my blog has given me the extra push to give it my all during these steamy summer days.

6:09 AM  
Blogger Amazon Alanna said...

I find it so amazing that just listening to the trip wires nature has set up for us can help us be so successful.

Great job, Shaunta! I have a friend who has been reading your blog, but she is so amazed at your success, she can't think of anything she feels is meaningful enought to say. You inspire many more than who post here.

How is Adrienne's exercise routine doing?

7:34 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Don't beat yourself up about not going to the gym - you went today and that's what matters! Keep up the great work!

3:40 PM  

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